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Spring Cleaning Your Vehicle

It’s March in Austin, which means it’s an absolutely beautiful time to be living in our city!


Have any plans for spring break? How about spring cleaning plans? Your vehicle is one of the easiest places to overlook when it comes to tidying up, so your friends at Leif Johnson Ford are here to help. Here’s some quick tips on how to get your ride spick and span for the road ahead!

  1. Clean and vacuum out trunk

If you’re anything like the rest of us, chances are there’s been a slow buildup of things in the back of your trunk. Now is the perfect time to empty it out and find another space for said things. This will free up room for spring and summer stuff, while also lightening your load and thus improving your fuel economy!

2. Wax your vehicle 

Definitely self-wash or get a car wash as well, but a vehicle wax is an important step that many skip out on.  Waxing provides a variety of benefits, such as sealing the paint, adding shine and repelling water beads and thus annoying water spots.

3. Take your time on the interior 

Take out all receipts, trash and other miscellaneous items that can me removed from the car. Use a vacuum and brush duster to clean car knobs and buttons. Vacuum all dust before adding a cleaning product. Wash the seats with a hot and wet cloth. Clean leather seats with car cleaning wipes. Use a Magic Eraser to scrub any gross bits off of vinyl or leather. A glass cleaner such as Windex van be used for the windows (unless you have a tinted sheet applied to window – ammonia can harm this sheet.), and don’t forget to roll them down a bit to clean the top quarter-inch. Spray the cleaner on the cloth to reduce streaking. Cleaning the interior windows horizontally and exterior vertically will help you quickly know which side any streaks are on. Spritz cup holders with glass cleaner and let sit for a few minutes before wiping. Use car cleaning wipes to clean dashboard, center console, inside door pockets, steering wheel and gear shift. Wrap a thin cloth around a flat head screwdriver to clean the tightest spots of your console, and buttons and switches on dashboard. Clear air vents with a foam paint brush. Remove and vacuum floor mats and proceed to vacuum seat upholstery and foot wells. Move seat forward and back to ensure you reach every spot. Consider topping all of this off with a new hanging deodorizer to keep your vehicle smelling fresh!

4.  Check the three W’s – Wheels, Wipers, and Windows 

After a winter that was at times unusually cold for Austin, it might be time to check and change out the wiper blades. When it comes to the wheels, think about removing the hubcaps and washing them down. Thoroughly scrub tires wheel well, check tire pressure and tighten up lug nuts that are loose. Finally, shine your windows! Clean both the inside and outside of windows and mirrors with a quality brand window cleaner, and shine with a dry towel.

5. Visit your Leif Johnson Ford service department. 

We’ll make sure everything is looking good under the hood and make sure you stay safe for all of your adventures. Call 512-454-3711 to make an appointment today.

Happy spring cleaning, friends! 


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