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How To: Check Tire Pressure

Howdy, y’all! It’s your friends at Leif Johnson Ford, bringing you your weekly dose of quick but smart car tips. This week we wanted to talk to you about checking your tire pressure.

There are many things that can help you boost your driving efficiency, but one of the most important of all of these is tire pressure. Let’s get to it!


1.  Firstly, make sure you have a tire gage. It’s cheap, simple and you can keep it in your glove box. Not surprisingly, you can also check the pressure in your tire with this handy tool!

In the vehicle in the above video, 35 PSI is the tire pressure wanted, but make sure to check your owner’s manual to see what is right for yours. Unscrew the cap from the stem and insert your gage to see what your tire pressure is. If your car is any lower the recommended PSI, your tire needs more air.


2. After checking your vehicle’s air pressure, Tread wear is another important thing to check. All you need to do this is a penny! Insert upside down into the tread. If Lincoln’s head is covered by the tire tread, you’re all clear. If it’s completely covered, you have enough tread. Another way to check the tread is your tread-wear indicator, which is, in fact, right inside the tread. What you’re looking for here is to have it deep within the tread, and not exposed. If at any point it rises above the tread, then it’s time for some new tires.

There you have it! Now you know how to check your own tire pressure. If you need any more help or if this test proves that you do need new tires, visit your local Leif Johnson Ford location. We can’t wait to help you out!


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