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Customer Highlight: The Head Family

This week our Riata Ford  location had the chance to be a part of the beginning of a legacy! The Head family is starting their floor restoration company, and we are honored to sell them the first truck that will help to kick-start this business. Kimberly Head was kind enough to answer a few of our questions about their buying experience, and we were so thrilled to hear about her “Absolutely AWESOME” time spent with us. Check out the interview below, y’all!


1.) How was your truck buying experience?

Absolutely AWESOME.  Here are some key points.

  • Josh was absolutely the best car/truck salesman we have ever dealt with.  He did everything we asked.  He made sure we were comfortable.  What I liked the most, is instead of feeding us bad information, he was honest if he didn’t know a specific, went and asked and got back to us ASAP.  I felt like I was taken care of instead of just a pay check.  I actually told him while I was there that he was the best I had ever dealt with.
  • Your online experience is great.  The website is easy to use & has good information, pictures and search functions.  Makes for a great experience.
  • While we drove 3+ hours to get there.  That was about price, selection, and Josh’s attention to us w/o being overbearing.  I would drive again to have that good of an experience.  And, we will be recommending others to take the drive

2.) Favorite things about your new ride?

  • It is beautiful (inside and out). We love the EcoBoost engine and the Multi-functionality – We will be using for personal and business and meets our needs in both areas. It’s so important to have a vehicle that looks good if you are trying to gain customers in a business. We’ll also be able haul supplies and take our crew with us to jobs, and fit our three teenagers in the back seat. And there will still be leftover room!  We feel confident that we have a truck that is dependable and can get the job done, whatever that may be.

3.) What adventures do you plan on taking in your new ride?

  • Most importantly… We are starting a business in floor restoration, hard surface cleaning (man made tile / grout / natural stone, concrete, carpets, patios, fiberglass).  OASIS SURFACE SOLUTIONS  This vehicle is fundamental in our success and we chose Riata Ford to start this journey with.  This journey is going to lead us to a future of freedom and flexibility so that us, our children, and future generations have something they can say was built from the ground up.  You are a part of that.  So, unbeknownst to you and your company, you are the beginning of our legacy.  I know that we will be back as our company grows.  But know that because of your affordability, quality, and engagement with us, you helped us get this going.  I am looking forward to coming to buy additional vehicles as we branch out.  Our adventures start now!!!
  • Oh, & let’s not forget – We are big Salt Water fishing family.  Look for us on Padre Island.  The truck will be in the sand, but we will be in the surf hauling in all the Monster Fish!!!

We are so excited to welcome these adventuring  entrepreneurs to our Ford family!

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