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How to Drive in Fog

We’ve been having some foggy days in Austin this week, and fog never makes for the most ideal or safe of driving situations. It is able to drastically reduce visibility and thus makes the road much more hazardous than normal. But have no fear! Leif Johnson Ford is here to give you a few pointers on how-to safely drive in foggy conditions.

  1. Slow down. This one may seem obvious, but not all follow this important rule. It is so important to account for increased reaction times and to actively try not to rush.
  2. Keep a larger distance between you an other vehicles on the road, especially if the road is wet. It is normal to want to drive closer to the car in front of you to keep it in sight, but this can increase your risk of collision.
  3. Turn on your low beam headlamps. High beams can cause light to reflect back off water droplets in the air, which has the power to damage your view even more.
  4. Use your fog lights if your vehicle has them. They help to further illuminate the road when it’s foggy and make it easier for other cars to see you.
  5. Always turn on your wipers an defrosters. These will help you to see and reduce the glare that comes from oncoming cars.
  6. Roll down your windows. While other senses (in this case, sight) or impaired, others have the power to become heightened. If your hear any strange noises, like a squealing or crunching sound, try to safelu pull over to the side of the road.
  7. Follow the right-side pavement line when your seeing is impaired. It will help to guide you in circumstances like intense fog. This is safer than using the center line, which has the potential to bring you closer to oncoming traffic.
  8. Don’t stop on the road, even if visibility is highly reduced. This could cause an accident. Instead, pull over to a safe area whenever you can.
  9. After pulling over, turn on your hazards lights so other drivers will see that you have parked and thus don’t try to follow you. Avoid using your hazard lights when in motion, as this is illegal in many states.
We hope these simple but potentially life-saving tips were helpful. Stay safe, friends!
(Thanks to Ford Motor Company for the helpful video!)


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