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What’s Your Number?

Here at Leif Johnson, we are one big family of Ford-lovers.


For over 59 years, we have been developing lasting, meaningful relationships with our customers. In turn, they come back to us, expecting the friendly, excellent and heartfelt care that we provide. They don’t just shop here once, but come back again and again, knowing that they are in good and trustworthy hands. And we love getting to know each and every story, one customer at a time.

Take the Mike Rice and family, for example. Wife Sheila tells us that Mike and his son Joey both love to sing. Their father-son bond is immediately apparent and is a beautiful thing to see. Sheila simply lights up when talking about Mike, telling us that he loves to fish and hunt, and he goes onto say that he can’t wait to take his F-150 on his adventures. Mike has bought many vehicles from us in the past, and we just can’t wait to continue this adventure with him in the future.

At Leif Johnson Ford, you are more than just a number. You’re family.

Which leads us to the following question,

What’s your number?

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