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F-150 Test Drive At Leif Johnson Ford

The 2015 F-150 has gotten a lot of deserving hype for being made from aluminum, delivering a more fuel-efficient driving experience and still being built Ford tough as ever.

These are reasons us Leif Johnson Forders love the F-150 too, but this is just the start of the list. I took a test drive with our knowledgeable salesman Wesley, and he definitely won this 25-year-old-not-usually-truck-loving-chick over to the beauty of this truck.


A few examples for you Ford (but maybe not truck) lovers:

-Heated AND massaging front seats. You’ll actually look forward to traffic.
– If you’re known for running into inanimate objects (like me) the F-150’s rearview camera system is a lifesaver (or a curb-saver, or a tree-saver….)

– Hate parallel parking as much as I do? Now you have a truck to do it for you. This bad boy parallel parks itself, y’all.

– Charge your phone, laptop, GoPro and even medical devices (Though Wesley doesn’t recommend this last one) while you drive with the F150’s 12 volt accessory outlet.

– Hitching a trailer isn’t usually a fun gig. With the Ford F-150 Dynamic Hitch Assist, I think I could even hitch a trailer. It’s that easy.

-The seatbelts in the back are inflatable. This help keep your family and friends safe, while also giving backseat drivers a fun rollercoaster-esque feel during the drive.

– The drive is so smooth, you’ll almost forget you’re driving. (No worries, you’ll remember as soon as you start thinking about how madly in love you are with your truck) Turn on some nature sounds and your massaging seat, and driving home will almost feel like your own personal spa day.

I could go on all day, but maybe it’s time you stop daydreaming about owning your own F-150 and come out for your own test drive today!

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