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Ice Cream Party At Leif Johnson Ford

glennWe like to celebrate our employees and all they do for us here at Leif Johnson Ford.

Glenn Curby’s 20th consecutive year anniversary (Though if we’re getting technical he has been with us on and off since 1987) was no exception. He told us he simply wanted ice cream, but we’re fans of the “Go big or Go home” mentality. Instead of just ice cream, we set Glenn and the rest of our team up with an entire ice cream party, courtesy the Austin famous Amy’s ice cream.

Mid-ice cream party, we took Glenn aside to ask him a couple of questions about his many years spent with us. When asked what his favorite thing about working at Leif is, he quickly responded, “The people I work with. It’s a family type atmosphere and we all work together as a team to help our customers.” Glenn continued telling stories about his decades spent with us with a smile on his face. It was clear that he enjoys being a part of our team almost as much as we enjoy having him be a part of it.

It is people like Mister Curby who make our team such an exceptional, and we think he deserves a bounty of frozen sweets. So a giant ice cream party it is!

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