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iPhone tips from Sync Tech Peter

As technology gets more and more advanced, its sometimes hard not to start head-scratching with confusion. But we want to make life just a little bit easier for you. Leif Johnson Ford has helpful and friendly sync techs like Peter to walk you through all things Ford and tech related. Here’s a few simple steps on how to make sure you’re getting the very best use out of your iPhone and Ford synchronization.

1. Don’t use emoji in your contacts. Voice command pathways are used to correspond with each contact, thus emojis are not recognized and this confuses the system.

2. Avoid plugging phone into USB port in your car. Your phone will charge much faster plugged into 12 volt charger with an adapter.  Furthermore, when plugged into a USB port, the two computers start talking to one another, and, as Peter puts it, Ford and Microsoft don’t work well together “when they’re holding hands.”

3. For all smart phones: When plugged into the car, use the car, not the phone when making, ending and receiving calls.

4. Clear out all active apps at least once a day. Your phone will work better, your battery life will last longer and you’ll have a better Bluetooth connection to.

Now if only we could all have someone like Peter around 24/7, to walk us through all of the tricky tech stuff. (Like getting that new snazzy remote control to work…) We’ll let you know if we figure out how to clone the guy. Until then, stay tuned for more tips from your friends at Leif Johnson Ford. If you need immediate help, contact Peter and the crew by calling (512) 454-3711 and asking for a sync tech!

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