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Learn all about Bryan Beltran (And watch him perform at Riata Ford!)



Bryan Beltran of the Manor Marching Band has an inspiring story. For the first ten years of his life, Bryan knew no English. He tells us that learning was a challenge for him, but one that he overcame by being around his English-speaking classmates at school. He now speaks both English and Spanish fluently. But what Bryan really likes to talk about–in either language–is his passion for music. “I love music, I love hearing it, and playing it. Ever since my dad gave me a guitar in middle school, I have enjoyed exploring music. I taught myself how to play that guitar. I enjoy that you can create your own type of music and emotional connection.” Bryan tells us, and his excitement is palpable. Bryan’s father was his inspiration for his love of music, and even has a band that both Bryan and his brother take part in. He loves watching his dad perform, and says he can just see all of his struggles melting away as he plays his instruments. “Growing up in Mexico, my dad was the only one in his family who loved music. He learned how to play all those instruments by himself which he has shared with me.” Bryan’s love and pride for his family definitely shines through in everything that he says and does.


Bryan is heading into his third season of marching band, and has loved every second of it. “School music programs teach students so much more than just how to play their instrument. It is kind of a way of life. You become more disciplined and dedicated to the band and music. We are a very large family. It is a great place for students to spend their time. “


As for the future, Bryan hopes to attend college at the University of North Texas to study music education, and one day even dreams of becoming an instructor for the Drum Corps. His current dream of joining the Guardian Drum and Bugle Corps is one that he never imagined he’d be able to afford. “The first thing that I thought about was that I could not do Drum Corps because it’s very expensive. I didn’t have that kind of money nor did my parents. But I really wanted that training and experience, so I asked my high school co-director how much he paid for Drum Corps. He said he didn’t pay for anything! I was stunned! I asked him how is that possible? He explained to me that he found sponsors and collected donations. That gave me a lot of hope.”


Bryan began writing letters and asking for donations, and this is where Riata Ford and YOU come in. We are matching every donation dollar for dollar until Bryan reaches his goal of $2,500. Join us on March 5th at 7pm for a night of great company, music and fun. Help us make Bryan’s biggest dreams come true!


To donate, visit http://www.gofundme.com/5x161o


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