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#MustangInspires Campaign


The Ford Mustang made its first appearance in 1963, and has not stopped inspiring people since. Whether it be through film, comic book or a slew of other outlets, the Mustang has helped motivate people to live their biggest and greatest life. And with the 2015 launch of the new Ford Mustang not far away, we’re hoping to spread even more inspiration around! Now, with the #MustangInspires campaign, Ford wants YOU to tell us what inspires you. Here’s a few simple steps on how to join in on the fun of the #MustangInspires campaign.

1. What inspires you? Your friend, your pet, a relative, coffee, your journal, a potted plant, your car, sushi? Whatever it may be, we want you to take a picture of that piece of inspiration. Mustang owners, we would definitely love for you to be part of this campaign!

2. Write a few sentences about it.

3. Post your inspiration piece to your social media outlet of choice with the hashtag #MustangInspires

4. Take a look at www.mustanginspires.com to see what is inspiring your fellow hashtaggers.

That’s it! Now just get to spreading the inspiration around with #MustangInspires!

Check out these pictures from www.mustanginspires.com (Click on the link to see so many more!):


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