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Thirty-One Years at Leif Johnson

Darryl Washington is not an easy man to find.  Celebrating thirty-one years at our dealership, he has become a jack of all trades at Leif Johnson. “I do everything! I’m all over this place.”, he chuckles, after my coworkers have helped me track this busy guy down. We are sitting in one of the cars he has been working on, and it’s hard not to almost instantly notice Darryl’s sweet smile and great attitude. Darryl tells me that he started out working in the body shop, then moved to accessories, followed by make-ready and mechanic work. Though his title says he is now a porter, he is still willing to help out with anything and everything thrown his way. When asked what it is that’s kept him at Leif for over thirty years, he immediately gives credit to his managers and the great way they treat their employees. He even recalls going over to one manager’s house years back, and enjoying a glass of ‘cold iced tea.’ It is clear that Darryl is not only an employee with us, but …

Earning By Learning with Leif Johnson Ford

For nineteen years, Leif Johnson Ford has been a part of the Earning by Learning program at Allison Elementary School in Austin. What is Earning by Learning, you may ask? Well we have your answer, of course! Earning by Learning is a program that encourages students to read by allowing them to earn a dollar for each book read. During the school year, volunteers from Leif Johnson make their way to Allison Elementary to listen to children tell all about the books they’ve read that week. It’s not only an awesome way to get kids excited about reading, but it’s fun and inspiring for us volunteers too! So much fun that Leif Johnson has dedicated over 400 hours each semester for over 20 years! That’s a lot of books read by a bunch of amazing kiddos! Melissa (above) read SIX books for this weeks Earning By Learning check in. Wow! Way to go Melissa!