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Early Valentine’s At Leif Johnson Ford

Ismael and Yolanda Nunez are in love. With each other, and with their brand new F-150 purchased at Leif Johnson Ford. They are also committed to the good things in life. They have been married for 43 years and have been choosing our dealership for 15 years. They bought their first Ford from us back in 2000! (Is it just me or it a little scary that this was fifteen years ago?!) The couple chuckled over the fact that not once but twice they have come in for a simple oil change and have left with a new vehicle. When asked what their favorite thing was about Leif, they complimented their sales lady Sonya for never being pushy and always taking time to explain details. As for our dealership, they love the fact that we “always work with you.” Yolanda gushed that their newest buy was an early Valentine’s Day present from her hubby. This adorable duo was clearly smitten with each other, their new F-150 and their dealership of choice—A beautiful couple and a wonderful Valentine’s Day indeed!

Ford F-150: Seamless Windows

So you’ve heard all about the lighter, aluminum body of the 2015 Ford F-150. You know it’s going to be our most fuel efficient F-150 yet. You probably know it’s built even more Ford tough than before. But have you heard about the sliding rear window yet? It may sound like a smaller addition, but sometimes big things come in smaller packages. Read on, friends. Yes, the rear window is seamless. This brilliant design was created by Ford Motor Company and Magna International. Not only does it hide window seams, but it also reduces overall component parts. You can have your window completely open, and still this two-piece design will allow the window area to completely defrost, just as it would closed. Pretty neat, eh? The typical sliding rear window consists of three pieces of glass held together by a support structure with additional working components. With the touch of a button, your new seamless window will open. Not only is this convenient, but it looks pretty cool too.  More than just looking awesome, the new design of the …