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Top 5: 2015 Ford Escape

The 2015 Ford Escape is currently the talk of the town. The design is sleek, the drive is smooth yet powerful and the technology is super savvy. Read on to read our top five favorites on one of our favorite new vehicles.


1.Seriously, the technology is on point.

 Just to name a few things– Lane-Keep Assist automatically adjusts steering input to make sure you stay in your lane, parallel and perpendicular parking systems control your steering wheel to park the vehicle for you (all you have to do is control the brakes and the accelerator pedal) and another system will help you leave your parking space. But that’s not all. Also offered is adaptive cruise control, a blind spot monitoring system, heated seats, a 180-degree camera offering a view of the front of the vehicle, and even a cleaning system for this camera which makes sure it’s always ready for you to use.

2. It’s got power.

Unlike years previous, the engine can now transmit power to all four wheels and has the option of coming with a towing package which will allow it to haul up to 3,500 lbs. On top of this, it’s now the base engine, so it won’t cost you a penny more. Modifications to the engine and output boosts have also been made. For 2015, it delivers 245 horses and 275 lbs.-ft. of torque. These additions will help ensure better output and faster turbo response time. For those of you who like to keep your options open, good news. The now optional 3.5-litre V6 hasn’t changed.

3. It’s beautiful.

The lines on the grill are lovely. The contours on its body and the rising beltline, which are complimented nicely by the shape of the side windows, add to the sexy build and stylish presence. Chrome accents give the 2015 model a certain maturity that shows off its sophistication. If you go with the Titanium, the roof rails and cross bars add a sense of adventure to even a quick trip to the grocery store.

4. The drive delivers.

It’s exciting, it’s fun, it’s perfect for road-trips but will make even traffic seem exciting.

Give this Escape just a small amount of throttle pressure, and it is ready to go off. It’s operating with an all-wheel-drive system. It has the nimbleness of an acrobat but never loses any of the comfort that you need in an SUV.

The six-speed SelectShift, clutchless automatic transmission with manual mode quickly and swiftly changes gears, with power transferring so effortlessly that you won’t even notice a single blip in the road.

5. The price is right

With prices starting at right around 23,000, it’s a little steeper than previous models. But with all the extra features and additions this baby offers, we’d almost call this Escape a steal.

So what will your top five be? Come on out to Leif Johnson Ford today to test drive one of these beauties yourself!

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