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Employee Highlights: Keith and Dale

Here at Leif Johnson Ford, we pride ourselves on our awesome team members and all they do to make our dealership  shine. Today we’d love to take this opportunity to introduce you to two of our outstanding employees!


Meet Keith. He is our current Employee of the Month at our Leif Johnson Ford location, and has recently moved over from Truck City Ford to help out in the Parts’ department. His work ethic, great attitude and team spirit won him his currently employee of the month title. When Keith isn’t hanging out with his little family, you can often find him hard at work at Leif Johnson. He tells us customers like you are one of his favorite things about working with us. “My customers make my day!” he says. As Keith tells us about the people he has had the chance to work with, we can tell that he truly values both his fellow team members and his Parts’ customers.


Meet Dale. He is celebrating thirty-three years of working with us at Leif and is now currently the Part’s manager at our Truck City location. He tells us that in his three decades + of working with us, he has seen so many friends retire, join the company and has even seen some dear comrades pass away. Bittersweet as this may be,  it’s immediately clear that Dale is proud to be a part of so much of our history, and thankful to have acquired the relationships he has in his thirty-three years with us. When asked what his favorite thing about working with us, he responds with a definite,  “The people I work with!”

We are so thankful to have built a team of incredible employees such as Keith and Dale!

Best Cars for Back to School

High-school and college students, (and their parents!) we’re looking at you. We know it’s just about time to go back to school, so we’ve collected a few of our favorite and most affordable Fords for your (mostly) educational needs.  Read on, Fordies.

Ford Fiesta

The price:

The least expensive Ford of the group, this ride is currently on sale at Leif Johnson Ford from only 12,499.00.
The perks: At up to 43 MPG, the fuel economy paired with the price is an absolute steal.  This is also the first-ever Ford three-cylinder EcoBoost engine. Named the 2014 International Engine of the Year, it is available on the Fiesta SE with manual transmission. This 1.0 liter turbo-charged, direct-injection powerplant delivers 123 horsepower and 125 lb.-ft. of torque. Push button start, a rearview camera, SYNC system and other great techy bonuses are also available for our students. Other fun features include things like Torque Vectoring Control with understeer cornering control and AdvanceTrac® with three-mode electronic stability control, amongst many other snazzy things.
The verdict:
We know you’re working hard enough. Your car should be simple yet efficient, fun and affordable. The Fiesta covers all of this.
Ford Focus
The price: The 2015 Ford Focus is currently on sale at Leif Johnson Ford starting at a very reasonable $16,499.00.
The perks: Tech options like the rearview camera, Sync system and AdvanceTrac® with electronic stability control allows for both fun and safety, appealing to students and parents alike. The power in this ride will also appeal to the younger generation: Turbocharged, direct-injection 2.0L EcoBoost® engine delivers 252 horsepower and 270 lb.-ft. of torque. Leather trimmed seats and leather wrapped steering wheel give this ride a classy look at a great price. The ride in the Focus is also incredibly smooth and the seats quite comfy, so this cozy ride will help students escape from their studies and stresses – as long as they’re driving.
The verdict: Sit back, relax and listen to some music on your handy dandy Sync system. You’ve just studied really hard for that test. You deserve a Ford Focus.
Ford Fusion SE Hybrid Sedan:
The price: From $23,749.00 at Leif Johnson Ford. Pricier than the previous options, but if you’re a commuting student, it’ll be well worth it.
The perks:
Efficiency is the name of the game for you school-goers, and we get that. The 2.0L I-4 Atkinson-cycle gasoline engine delivers 188 combined horsepower and a stellar hybrid performance.  And to save on your gas, the all-electric mode at speeds up to 85 mph. On top of all of this goodness, this Fusion gets up to 44 MPG and The dual LCD next-generation SmartGauge® with EcoGuide provides real-time information to help you enhance the efficiency of your Fusion. The regenerative braking system captures up to 90 percent of energy normally lost through heat during braking, and recycles energy to recharge hybrid battery. As green as this car is, it still comes with fun stuff like that awesome rearview camera of ours.
The verdict: Obviously, this car is designed to make all of your friends jealous. Oh, and to save you a ton of money in the long run. Making friends envious AND saving you dollar bills? Yep, we’ve got your back.
Disclaimer: *Price includes all available dealer discounts and rebates. Price subject to change with availability and incentives change. While supply lasts. Some rebates require Ford Financing.
With deals like these, you’ll be not only ready but probably even excited to head back to school.  Sound good? Call us at 512-454-3711 today and we’ll get you new-car-back-to-school-ready in no time!

Fun Car Hacks

  1. Take one laundry sheet to put under each of your car seats. One sheet per seat = A beautiful smelling car!
  2. Bringing pizza home? Have seat warmers? Turn your seat warmers up to full blast to keep your pizza warm the whole ride home!
  3. If your vehicle has a remote starter like the 2015 Ford Escape, turn your AC setting on and wait about five minutes before getting in. Boom. Just like that you’ve beat the (105 degrees in Austin Texas, y’all) summer heat.
  4. scUse an all cleaning eraser to wipe down the residue and film that builds up on your windshield. Best part? It won’t leave any streaks! You can also use shaving cream. Sounds odd, but if you apply to the inside and wipe off it will help to reduce fogging.
  5. The best for last here. If you’ve ever left your windows down and ended up with a damp car, here’s your solution. Kitty litter in a sock. Yep, you heard us right. Leave it in the car overnight, and by morning your Ford will be all dried up!

Love these easy peasy yet genius and innovative car hacks? Follow our blog, y’all! Leif Johnson Ford is your hook up for every day car tips, fun interviews, useful info and so much more!

Employee Highlight: Dave Christian

Dave Christian, finance manager at our Superstore Central location, is celebrating his ten year work anniversary at Leif Johnson Ford. In honor of his decade at LJF, we would love to share some quick fun facts and quotes from Mr. Christian himself!


Fun fact 1: Dave has owned a whopping nine, that’s right NINE, F-150’s in his life.

 His favorite thing about the F-150: The versatility!

Fun fact 2: Dave’s son, Chad, is following in his dad’s footsteps at Leif. He started as a salesman and is now working in finance at our Riata Ford location!

Favorite thing about work: “The people I work with. And my customers. They’re like family!”

What Dave learned in his ten years at Leif: “That communication is key!”

Many congrats to Mr. Christian on ten years at Leif Johnson Ford.  Cheers to him and here’s to ten more!

Customer Highlight: Phillip White

phillipwhitePhillip White has just purchased a 2015 Ford F-150, his fourth truck buy from Leif Johnson Ford. It’s not hard to see how satisfied he is with his new beauty.

“The design is completely different than the 2014, it’s laid out better, it’s wider. I love the design.”He also loves his dealership of choice. When asked about his experiences at Leif Johnson Ford, he tells us, “They’ve always treated me right. Always. They’ve always worked with me.”

Phillip is always a pleasure to work with, and we are honored to have had the chance to get to know him over the years.  He’s been buying from us since 2003, and we couldn’t be happier to have him as one of our longtime, valued customers. Mr. White is a retired veteran, and tells us he has had the chance to travel everywhere. In his spare time, he absolutely loves to bowl. And drive around in that shiny new F-150, of course.

2016 Ford Explorer

The 2016 Ford Explorer has just arrived at Leif Johnson Ford, and she’s a beauty.


Here’s what we’ve loving about our newest addition:

  • The new body style: The sharper angles are sexier than ever.
  • The 180 degree camera is a convenience not afforded to previous Explorers. This includes front and rear wide-angle lens cameras that have their own built in washers. Fancy, eh?
  • An active grille closes on the freeway to reduce drag and opens at lower speeds, thus offering more air.
  • Smart charging USB ports charge smart devices up to two times faster than conventional ports
  • The Sony sound system is back, but better than before. Live Acoustics and Clear Phase are made to bring realistic concert-quality audio on the 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum trim. Also noteworthy: This is the first time high-end Sony home audio technology has been used inside a vehicle!
  •  The premium version boasts acoustic glass, brushed-aluminum and satin-finished ash wood trim pieces, plus a heated wood and steering wheel wrapped in leather, just to name a few things about the snazziest of interiors.
  • Parallel/perpendicular Parking Assist always comes in handy.
  • The new available engine: a 2.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder that makes 280 hp.
  • Same as Ford previous, the inflatable seatbelts helps to keep your family extra safe.
  • The Explorer has been the America’s best selling SUV for years and years, and it’s only getting better and better. Call us today  ((512) 454-3711)) to schedule a test drive of this luxurious yet family friendly ride today!

Summer Car Tips

It’s summertime in Texas, and the living is easy. And really, really hot.

Leif Johnson Ford is here to prepare you for these sizzling months.with some quick summertime vehicle tips.


  • If possible, keep your car in the garage or keep it covered to sidestep much damage from the sun. Sun damage on cars can  fade paint and interior materials over time.
  • This is another tip for older cars or even newer cars without a reliable air cooling system. (AKA probably not a Ford….Ha. But really.) It’s possible you may need a recharge as this hot summer gets under way. You definitely do not want any coolant issues in Austin, Texas in July, right?! If your AC just isn’t seeming to get cool enough, stop by Leif Johnson Ford and have a service tech check it out for you!
  • shoetrick
  • Here’s one for the safety of your kiddos: You may think you would NEVER leave your kiddo unattended in a hot car, but the fact is this: Nearly 1 in 4 parents of a child under 3 has forgotten the child in a car. If your kid is silent and you are distracted, it is possible that this could happen to you, and it’s definitely better to be safe than sorry. Here’s what you do- Leave ONE shoe in the backseat near your little one’s car seat. You aren’t going to want to walk on any hot sidewalks or inside a store without your shoe, and you’re sure to notice this mistake as soon as you walk out of your car.
  • airfilter
  • If you do a lot of driving on dirt or gravel roads, or even if you’ve just never checked your air filter, it may be time for a change. A clogged air filter can definitely make your fuel efficiency substantially lower. Replacing a dirty or clogged air filter may improve gas mileage by as much as 10 percent!
  • Summertime is famous for crazy downpours, and you don’t want your blades to fail you here. When replacing a wiper blade, it’s best to replace the entire blade, not just the rubber part. Our Auto Part store would be happy to help you find the right make and model!
  • oil
  • If you’re driving a lot of miles this summer, you’re going to want to make sure your oil is on par. There’s two things you’re wanting to check here: The level of the oil and the color of the oil. To check your oil, let your car run for a few minutes, then park it on a level surface and turn your engine off. If the oil is low, either add another quart or completely change the oil. As for how the oil should look? It should be brownish yellow and clean on the stick. If the oil is a dark color or there’s a lot of grime in there, it’s time for an oil change AND oil filter replacement.
  • Because newer cars are more likely using synthetic blends or oil weights that are fine for year-round use, this tip is more for older vehicles. In the summer, use thicker oil to protect engine components when it’s steamy out and oil flows more easily.
  • Tire-Pressure
  • Tire pressure changes as the temperatures rise– take a look at your owner’s manual or the sidewall of your tire to see what your tire pressure should be. Proceed to check it with a hand pressure gauge or just let your friends here at Leif Johnson Ford do the dirty work for you!

Regular maintenance is really key here. Oil changes, tire rotations, and other basic car tasks are important, no matter the time of year, and no matter the weather you should be checking your oil and tire pressures now and again. If you’re uncertain about the status of any of these things, we are here for you! Give us a call at 512-454-3711. We look forward to your summer visit!