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How to: Drive in Heavy Rain

As most of us are well aware, Texas weather can be a bit moody. One day it’s 75 degrees and sunny, the next day it’s 30 degrees and cloudy. It can go from a sunshiny day in one moment to pouring cats and dogs in the next. When those heavy rains sneak up on us while driving, it can be a little scary. But don’t worry, friends. Leif Johnson Ford is here to give you tips on safe ways to drive in such a downpour.

  1. It may seem obvious, but slow down. This will give you more time to react to slippery roads and limited visibility. The start of the storm can actually be the most dangerous at moisture mixes with oil on the road and makes everything more slippery and dangerous.
  2. Be wary of hydroplaning.  Heavy rains eventually wash the oils away, but that’s really when you have to worry about hydroplaning, where your car loses control of the road and almost feels as if it’s floating. If you find that this is happening, try to keep calm. Take your foot off the gas and calmly steer in a safe direction. Slow down, turn off cruise control and avoid any sudden breaks or turns. You’re more likely to hydroplane on non-grooved asphalts roads than ribbed or grooved concrete, especially if there are tire ruts worn in the asphalt.
  3. Do not attempt to drive through deep puddles. Puddles can hide potholes, so do your best to drive around them, still being mindful of vehicles in the lanes next to you. Make sure you are also avoiding flooding roads or moving water. Deep water can be detrimental to your electrical system and engine. Only one foot of water has the ability to float your vehicle. Two feet can sweep it away, including SUVs and pickups.
  4. Turn on your headlights, but don’t use your high beams as the light reflecting against the droplets could potentially distract you and other drivers.
  5. Flip on your defrosters to reduce fog and set your AC or heat to fresh air.
  6. Keep your distance from the obscuring spray of trucks or large vehicles.
  7. If the weather gets too intense, don’t risk your safety. Find a safe place on higher ground, away from tall, isolated trees and poles, to protect yourself from potential lightning. Pull over to wait for the rain to pass.

Thanks to Ford Vehicles for these handy tips. Stay safe out there in all of the many moods of Texas weather, y’all!


Customer Highlight: The Head Family

This week our Riata Ford  location had the chance to be a part of the beginning of a legacy! The Head family is starting their floor restoration company, and we are honored to sell them the first truck that will help to kick-start this business. Kimberly Head was kind enough to answer a few of our questions about their buying experience, and we were so thrilled to hear about her “Absolutely AWESOME” time spent with us. Check out the interview below, y’all!


1.) How was your truck buying experience?

Absolutely AWESOME.  Here are some key points.

  • Josh was absolutely the best car/truck salesman we have ever dealt with.  He did everything we asked.  He made sure we were comfortable.  What I liked the most, is instead of feeding us bad information, he was honest if he didn’t know a specific, went and asked and got back to us ASAP.  I felt like I was taken care of instead of just a pay check.  I actually told him while I was there that he was the best I had ever dealt with.
  • Your online experience is great.  The website is easy to use & has good information, pictures and search functions.  Makes for a great experience.
  • While we drove 3+ hours to get there.  That was about price, selection, and Josh’s attention to us w/o being overbearing.  I would drive again to have that good of an experience.  And, we will be recommending others to take the drive

2.) Favorite things about your new ride?

  • It is beautiful (inside and out). We love the EcoBoost engine and the Multi-functionality – We will be using for personal and business and meets our needs in both areas. It’s so important to have a vehicle that looks good if you are trying to gain customers in a business. We’ll also be able haul supplies and take our crew with us to jobs, and fit our three teenagers in the back seat. And there will still be leftover room!  We feel confident that we have a truck that is dependable and can get the job done, whatever that may be.

3.) What adventures do you plan on taking in your new ride?

  • Most importantly… We are starting a business in floor restoration, hard surface cleaning (man made tile / grout / natural stone, concrete, carpets, patios, fiberglass).  OASIS SURFACE SOLUTIONS  This vehicle is fundamental in our success and we chose Riata Ford to start this journey with.  This journey is going to lead us to a future of freedom and flexibility so that us, our children, and future generations have something they can say was built from the ground up.  You are a part of that.  So, unbeknownst to you and your company, you are the beginning of our legacy.  I know that we will be back as our company grows.  But know that because of your affordability, quality, and engagement with us, you helped us get this going.  I am looking forward to coming to buy additional vehicles as we branch out.  Our adventures start now!!!
  • Oh, & let’s not forget – We are big Salt Water fishing family.  Look for us on Padre Island.  The truck will be in the sand, but we will be in the surf hauling in all the Monster Fish!!!

We are so excited to welcome these adventuring  entrepreneurs to our Ford family!

Employee Highlight: Keith Anders

Keith Anders has been a service advisor with Leif Johnson Ford for two years now. We are so thankful to have him on our service squad. In honor of his time spent with us, we wanted to take a moment to ask him a few questions. Read on to get to know the one and only (okay maybe not one and only, but our one and only!) Mr. Anders a little better!


What is your favorite thing about working at Leif? : My favorite thing is the other employees. They make my day go by a little faster and put a smile on my face.

What have you learned working with us? :  Patience! (Laughs) I’ve learned about the different dynamics of people. About different backgrounds, and about how to talk to people and communicate efficiently.

What do you like to do when you’re not at work? : I like to spend time with my family. I have an eleven month old daughter and another one on the way. I’ve been married five years. We actually just got back from a family road-trip to California!

Congrats to Keith on his two year work anniversary and even more congrats on his new family member on the way!

Speaking of family. Here at Leif Johnson Ford, we are all about our family AND your family too. That’s why participating in Susan G. Komen’s Race for the Cure is so important to us. The community and their loved ones are a huge part of why we love giving back, and the above commercial showcases this beautifully. Check it out and let us know what you think.


How to Drive in Fog

We’ve been having some foggy days in Austin this week, and fog never makes for the most ideal or safe of driving situations. It is able to drastically reduce visibility and thus makes the road much more hazardous than normal. But have no fear! Leif Johnson Ford is here to give you a few pointers on how-to safely drive in foggy conditions.

  1. Slow down. This one may seem obvious, but not all follow this important rule. It is so important to account for increased reaction times and to actively try not to rush.
  2. Keep a larger distance between you an other vehicles on the road, especially if the road is wet. It is normal to want to drive closer to the car in front of you to keep it in sight, but this can increase your risk of collision.
  3. Turn on your low beam headlamps. High beams can cause light to reflect back off water droplets in the air, which has the power to damage your view even more.
  4. Use your fog lights if your vehicle has them. They help to further illuminate the road when it’s foggy and make it easier for other cars to see you.
  5. Always turn on your wipers an defrosters. These will help you to see and reduce the glare that comes from oncoming cars.
  6. Roll down your windows. While other senses (in this case, sight) or impaired, others have the power to become heightened. If your hear any strange noises, like a squealing or crunching sound, try to safelu pull over to the side of the road.
  7. Follow the right-side pavement line when your seeing is impaired. It will help to guide you in circumstances like intense fog. This is safer than using the center line, which has the potential to bring you closer to oncoming traffic.
  8. Don’t stop on the road, even if visibility is highly reduced. This could cause an accident. Instead, pull over to a safe area whenever you can.
  9. After pulling over, turn on your hazards lights so other drivers will see that you have parked and thus don’t try to follow you. Avoid using your hazard lights when in motion, as this is illegal in many states.
We hope these simple but potentially life-saving tips were helpful. Stay safe, friends!
(Thanks to Ford Motor Company for the helpful video!)


How to Protect Your Vehicle from the Cold

It may be 75 degrees in Austin today, but even in Texas it is bound to get chilly eventually. That’s why we’re here to give you some great tips on how to protect your vehicle from the cold! Read on and be winter ready, y’all!

  1. Check your battery. Battery issues are the number one reason for car breakdowns, and cold weather is especially likely to drain your battery life. Check your battery terminals and cables, making sure they’re tight and free from corrosion. Proceed to coat with grease or petroleum jelly to keep deposits from forming. If the battery looks swollen or casing is cracked, take your vehicle to your nearest Leif Johnson Ford service center to be checked right away.
  2. Monitor your tires Tire pressure drops considerably as the weather gets colder. This effects your car’s handling and stopping abilities. Check your tire pressure every month, and fill your tires properly with the amount listed on your driver’s side door
  3. Check and change your oil. Colder temps cause oil to thicken, impeding its ability to travel through your engine. This is another issue that may lead to a breakdown. Your owner’s manual will instruct you on the best oil to buy for your vehicle.
  4. Inspect belts and hoses for cracks or fraying. They are more likely to be brittle and break in the wintertime. A damaged belt will reduce your engine’s efficiency and a leaky hose could lead to an overheated engine, which could lead to costly repairs that you don’t need in the holiday season.
  5. Keep your gas halfway full at all times to prevent a gas line freeze up.
  6. Check your coolant level whenever you fill up your tank. Being low on coolant, aka antifreeze, can prove extremely detrimental to your vehicle’s engine.
  7. Examine your wipers. In the winter, they need to be in top shape to handle ice and even the occasional and quick snow flurries in Texas. If the rubber is cracked, broken or falling off it is time to replace. Be sure to use a windshield washer fluid with the required freeze protection level for your area.
  8. Inspect your windshield, looking for any cracks or chips. When temps drop below freezing, cracks are more likely to spread as the glass becomes more concave, and the moisture in chips can freeze and expand.
  9. To protect your windshield while driving, try your best to avoid flying debris than can damage your vehicle
  10. Always travel with an emergency kit in your trunk. In extreme cold, this is even more important, as you’re more likely to break down. Include jumper cables, a charged jump starter, a charged cell phone, a phone charger, tire chain and abrasive materials like sand or kitty litter. Also include a small shovel, a flashlight, an ice scraper, rags or paper towels, blankets, flares, bottled waters and snacks such as energy bars. It sounds like a lot, but believe us- in case of emergency your crew is going to be glad they rode with you!

If you have any more questions or want us to help making sure your vehicle is winter ready, give us a call at 512-454-3711 today! We look forward to seeing you!

(Big thanks to Ford Vehicles for an awesome how-to video and instructions!)

What We’re Thankful For

This Thanksgiving we at Leif Johnson Ford are thankful for so many things.

We’re thankful for our families, both our biological ones and the ones we’ve made ourselves out of amazing team members and customers.


We’re thankful for food, and especially for the epic potlucks that our employees outdo themselves with each and every year.

We’re also so thankful for the opportunity to give back to our fellow Austinities.


One of our favorite ways to get back is by participating in Earning by Learning. Each year, our Ford team goes to different elementary schools to listen to kids talk about the books they’ve read. At the end of the year, the kids are rewarded with money for the amount of books completed. It’s such a fun way to inspire kids to read, and we have such an amazing time taking part in this and many other community activities.


Last but not least?

We’re thankful for YOU! Being your Austin Ford specialist is the greatest honor.

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!

Race For The Cure with Leif Johnson Ford

Race For the Cure is known for fighting breast cancer both globally and locally. Whether it’s  education, screening, treatment, follow-up care, survivorship support, advocacy or research, Susan G. Komen is attacking this disease. Since 1999, Komen Austin has invested nearly $11 million into breast health services and educational efforts in Bastrop, Caldwell, Hays, Travis and Williamson counties. Globally, almost $5 million has been raised to fund research studies in search for a cure.


Ford is a proud sponsor of Race For The Cure, and our team here at Leif Johnson Ford loves having the chance to take part in this race. This is just one of the ways our LJF family is able to give back to our amazing Austin community; We couldn’t be more thankful for these opportunities to  that allow us to give back to strong and inspiring fellow Austinites!