Happy Earth Day! #BuiltFordGreen

Happy Earth Day!


Fun Facts:

In recent years, Ford has made it a priority to reduce worldwide greenhouse emissions.

25 bottles of water are used in the carpeting of each 2015 Ford Escape.

H.I. Heinz and Ford are in the process of attempting to turn tomato skins into floor mats.

Ford uses old nylon carpeting to make resin for engine cooling fans and engine covers.

Ford Escape and Focus are more than 80 percent recyclable.


Paint fumes are turned into fuel at Michigan Truck Plant.

Ford Dearborn’s Truck Plant has the World’s Largest Living Roof, coming in at 10.4 acres of a drought resistant perennial groundcover called sedum. Sedum helps absorb up to 4 million gallons of water annually and is part of a storm water management system installed at Rouge. This roof also produces oxygen and provides natural overhead insulation for the final assembly building, which reduces energy costs.

Ford is the first two time winner of EPA’S Energy Star Award.

Since 2013, the Ford Motor Company has reduced greenhouse emissions by 9%

Between 2011 and 2016, Ford is estimated to reduce waste per vehicle by 40%.

These are just some of the ways that Ford is proud to be a partner in sustainability. Making driving greener one vehicle at a time!

Customer Highlights: Ken and Mark

Ken and Mark O’Dea are brothers, and they’ve both inherited some rather adventurous spirits. So far, they’ve made their way from New Jersey all the way to Austin, Texas and Leif Johnson Ford, though the latter wasn’t exactly intentional. After riding their motorcycles all throughout trails in Arkansas, Missouri and Oklahoma, they came to Austin to ride on the famous three sister trails of the Texas Hill Country. Unfortunately, their truck started having some maintenance issues once they got here, so they flat-bedded their way out to us.


But why choose Leif Johnson Ford, when they had never even heard of our dealership living way up north? That answer is pretty simple: The customer service. Ken says he had called another dealership in the area and didn’t receive much of a welcoming vibe. That’s when he called us, and talked to our service advisor Darla. “Darla was awesome.” he told us. He let us know that, not only was she knowledgeable and friendly, but that she also sounded excited to help out. She told Ken and Mark about Greg, Leif’s very own “diesel specialist” , and the rest is history.

I- the social media representative for Leif- had the pleasure of meeting Ken and Mark as they sat by their motorcycles, waiting for their truck to be ready for the road. I loved that these two were not going to let anything stop them from their adventures- and that Leif Johnson Ford had the chance to be a helping hand in this exhilarating chapter of their lives. We couldn’t be more elated to help them get back to their journey!

2015 Ford Edge Higlights

A couple of weeks ago, we highlighted our top five favorites of the 2015 Ford Escape. Now we’re back to highlight our top five of the beautiful new Ford Edge. Read on, Ford lovers!


1. It’s a family vehicle, but it’s no minivan. The Edge is the snazziest a family friendly vehicle can get. It also works great for all sorts of activities. Two row seating gives comfort and spaciousness to five, and there is still room in the back for whoever wants to tag along. Whether you’re carrying sports equipment, going on a family road trip or towing your boat, camper or ATV, the Edge is perfect for you and your cool fam.

2. The features are incredible, y’all. We’re talking active park assist, side parking sensors hands free liftgate, and a front camera with a WASHER, just to name a few things. Did you catch that? Front camera with its own washer? Talk about Edgy.

3. Choose from FOUR trim levels: SE, SEL, Sport and Titanium. The Titanium is going to provide the most premium content, but every level is of the highest quality. You wouldn’t expect any less from Ford, would you? There are also three engine options to pick from: a 2.0-liter EcoBoost with 245 horsepower, a 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6 and a 3.5-liter V6. Each engine type is paired to a six-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifting on the steering wheel, and also comes with the regular shift control between the front seats.

4. Bigger is better.  Edge 2015 adds 7 cubic feet of storage space over the previous model. Overall cargo capacity varies from 39.2 cubic feet to 73.4 cubic feet, and this will be determined by how many seatbacks you leave standing. You’ll notice a covered bin on top of the center stack, and an open, pass-through storage space behind the climate controls. Sleeker is also a good word to describe the newest Edge over the previous, as parallel cut lines frame a concave center section. Inside and out, the Edge is big and beautiful.

5. Choose the price that works best for you. Edge pricing ranges from $28,100 – $40,095, so there are various budgets to work with here. Considering all the new features, extra room and gorgeously sleek design, we definitely think the price is right.

Stop by Leif Johnson Ford to get a more personal look (and drive) of the 2015 Edge today!

Employee Highlight: Colin Moore

If you keep up with our social media pages or the local news, you may remember Colin from the time he helped pull two people from a vehicle right before it caught on fire. We wanted to take the time to showcase this brave young man and his life both inside and outside of Leif Johnson Ford.


Colin has worked with us for over three years, and started out as a manager porter before becoming one of our friendly sync techs. He tells us his absolute favorite part about working for us is all of the people. “The customers are what makes my day worth it and fly by. I like to build rapport with people and remember our conversations.”

During his off-time, Colin has a variety of hobbies. He loves everything from wakeboarding to mountain biking to gardening to traveling the world. Back in 2014, he had a blast traveling to Copenhagen, Denmark for the first time. To add to an already impressive list, he owns his own house and an acre and half of land to go along with it.

We are so proud to call wonderful people like Colin part of our Leif Johnson Ford family!

What’s Your Number?

Here at Leif Johnson, we are one big family of Ford-lovers.


For over 59 years, we have been developing lasting, meaningful relationships with our customers. In turn, they come back to us, expecting the friendly, excellent and heartfelt care that we provide. They don’t just shop here once, but come back again and again, knowing that they are in good and trustworthy hands. And we love getting to know each and every story, one customer at a time.

Take the Mike Rice and family, for example. Wife Sheila tells us that Mike and his son Joey both love to sing. Their father-son bond is immediately apparent and is a beautiful thing to see. Sheila simply lights up when talking about Mike, telling us that he loves to fish and hunt, and he goes onto say that he can’t wait to take his F-150 on his adventures. Mike has bought many vehicles from us in the past, and we just can’t wait to continue this adventure with him in the future.

At Leif Johnson Ford, you are more than just a number. You’re family.

Which leads us to the following question,

What’s your number?

Top 5: 2015 Ford Escape

The 2015 Ford Escape is currently the talk of the town. The design is sleek, the drive is smooth yet powerful and the technology is super savvy. Read on to read our top five favorites on one of our favorite new vehicles.


1.Seriously, the technology is on point.

 Just to name a few things– Lane-Keep Assist automatically adjusts steering input to make sure you stay in your lane, parallel and perpendicular parking systems control your steering wheel to park the vehicle for you (all you have to do is control the brakes and the accelerator pedal) and another system will help you leave your parking space. But that’s not all. Also offered is adaptive cruise control, a blind spot monitoring system, heated seats, a 180-degree camera offering a view of the front of the vehicle, and even a cleaning system for this camera which makes sure it’s always ready for you to use.

2. It’s got power.

Unlike years previous, the engine can now transmit power to all four wheels and has the option of coming with a towing package which will allow it to haul up to 3,500 lbs. On top of this, it’s now the base engine, so it won’t cost you a penny more. Modifications to the engine and output boosts have also been made. For 2015, it delivers 245 horses and 275 lbs.-ft. of torque. These additions will help ensure better output and faster turbo response time. For those of you who like to keep your options open, good news. The now optional 3.5-litre V6 hasn’t changed.

3. It’s beautiful.

The lines on the grill are lovely. The contours on its body and the rising beltline, which are complimented nicely by the shape of the side windows, add to the sexy build and stylish presence. Chrome accents give the 2015 model a certain maturity that shows off its sophistication. If you go with the Titanium, the roof rails and cross bars add a sense of adventure to even a quick trip to the grocery store.

4. The drive delivers.

It’s exciting, it’s fun, it’s perfect for road-trips but will make even traffic seem exciting.

Give this Escape just a small amount of throttle pressure, and it is ready to go off. It’s operating with an all-wheel-drive system. It has the nimbleness of an acrobat but never loses any of the comfort that you need in an SUV.

The six-speed SelectShift, clutchless automatic transmission with manual mode quickly and swiftly changes gears, with power transferring so effortlessly that you won’t even notice a single blip in the road.

5. The price is right

With prices starting at right around 23,000, it’s a little steeper than previous models. But with all the extra features and additions this baby offers, we’d almost call this Escape a steal.

So what will your top five be? Come on out to Leif Johnson Ford today to test drive one of these beauties yourself!

Customer Highlights

What’s a better mother daughter bonding experience than buying a brand new Ford?

That’s exactly what mom Leana and daughter Phoebe did at Truck City Ford. We talked to Phoebe, and absolutely loved the time she spent with us at our Truck City Ford location.


“Our experience was great and Ken was awesome.” she said.

A lovely new Escape for two lovely ladies.

Wendy is a third time Ford-buyer from our Leif Johnson Central location. Her last car was totaled and the damage was severe, but miraculously, Wendy came out of the accident unscathed. This week she was back at our dealership, safe and joking that she must be a “new car enthusiast.”


“Third one’s a charm!” she said with a smile.

Our dealership just wouldn’t be quite the same without the amazing ladies who buy from us, bringing laughter and personality every time they walk through our doors!