2015 Mustang Facts

The 2015 Mustang is estimated to arrive at Leif Johnson Ford in September of 2014! In honor of this upcoming arrival, we wanted to share a few facts about this snazzy new Ford with our followers. Read on, folks.



Fact 1: Ford is going all out and bringing a touch screen with its MyFord Touch infotainment system.  The car also gets new technological additions such as blind spot monitoring and rear cross traffic alert systems, both of which will make your commute much easier.

Fact 2: This Mustang is both lower and wider than its ancestors. This makes for better cornering capability and will be easier to handle for more drivers.

Fact 3: Ford has gotten rid of the solid rear axle every found in Mustangs of generations past. This gives a new degree of your Mustang will be much more pleasant on rough pavement and less likely to hang the back half out in corners.

Fact 4: A new chassis on the Mustang allows for equipment that will hugely change how the car operates on street and track. It cost Ford a pretty penny, but we think it was worth it.

Fact 5: A Mustang just wouldn’t be a Mustang without that V8 roaring under the hood. Ford is making he same 5.0-liter “Coyote” V8 even more powerful than before.t Ford says it will also be more efficient due to a ‘new intake manifold for improved efficiency at low speeds. It will make “at least” 420 hp and 390 lb-ft of torque. Wow.We like the sound of that!

Fact 6: The style is new too, y’all. Ford is going for “evolutionary” over “revolutionary,”keeping things similar to the old car. Two noticeable differences between the old and new is this: The new has smoother lines and the same Aston Martin-influenced face found on the Fusion sedan.

Fact 7: This Mustang is the first time that Ford is offering a 2.3-liter turbocharged EcoBoost four-cylinder engine with 305 hp and 300 lb-ft of torque or more.

Fact 8: It’s the first Mustang to be sold worldwide. Our personal opinion is that the best place in the world to buy one would be your local Leif Johnson Ford, right here in Austin, Texas. But we might be just a little biased.

Meet The Team: Bob and Cindy

Meet Bob:


Bob Boles has been a valued team member of Leif Johnson Ford for thirty years now! Bob works in the service department and, as you can imagine, he has seen a lot of changes throughout the past thirty years!  One thing that hasn’t changed is the friendships he has forged while on the job. When he isn’t working, he enjoys hunting, fishing and hanging out with his fellow team members. We are so thankful to have dedicated and hard-working employees like Bob as part of our Leif Johnson family!

Meet Cindy:


Cindy Hernandez has been working for Leif for a little over a year and is our latest employee of the month! She works as a finance assistant and tells us she learns something new everyday while at work. “I meet all different sorts of people. Everybody is unique and interesting.”, she goes on to say. With her positive attitude, and helpful and friendly demeanor, it is no wonder she was given the employee of the month title! Congrats to you, Cindy!

Just as each and every customer is important to us at Leif Johnson, so is every single one of our employees. We wouldn’t be the trusted, reliable and nearly 60 year dealership that we are without our amazing team.

Get The Most Out Of Your Test Drive

In the market for a new car but don’t know the first thing about getting started? Have no fear, Leif Johnson Ford is here to give you some simple steps on how to get the most out of your test driving experience.


1. Make a list of your top vehicle options to narrow down the list a bit. Call us in advance to schedule your test drive and let us know what vehicles you’re interested in driving for the day.

2. Bring your stuff. Load up your purse, your shopping bags and whatever else you normally have in your current vehicle. You may even consider bringing a suitcase. It sounds a little crazy, but it’s good to know that you’ll have space and comfort needed when you’re looking for your new Ford. And we absolutely promise not to look at you funny. We are more than happy to do whatever needed to get you into your new vehicle!

3.  Next, make sure there is the perfect spot for all of your items. Car seats, sunglasses, dry cleaning, phone, briefcase; No item is too trivial to consider. Your car/truck is a spot you’ll be spending a lot of your time, so arrange and rearrange until you know everything feels just right.

4. Again, it’s good to remember that this is going to be a big part of your everyday life once purchased, so it’s important to make sure you’re comfortable. Does the seat adjust so you feel your coziest? Does the cabin give you enough room so that you’ll feel the vehicle was made just for you? Test out the passenger seat to make sure those driving with you will be just as comfy as you are. We want you to be 100% smitten with your new purchase, so take your time when picking out your perfect Leif Johnson Ford buy.

5. Now it’s time to get on the road! Consider starting out in a parking lot to first work out some of the technicalities. Get a feel for how it feels to park your possible future buy, and how easy it is to see out of all of your windows. Test out the back up camera if you have one.

After this, take the Ford on the highway. See if the car drives smoothly enough for you. If you’re driving up a hill, notice if you are or aren’t comfortable with the power of the vehicle. Note if you feel safe when making sharper turns. Consider asking a friend or your salesman to drive to see if you’ll get car seat as a passenger. Note whether there is a firm or soft break, and how much effort you had to be put into braking the car. Next, try a panic stop and slam the brakes. This will let you know how fast and efficiently your car responds when you’re needing to stop, fast.

Now it’s time for you to visit Leif Johnson Ford and try all of these steps out when looking for your new purchase! And please don’t be afraid to ask us any questions. There is no small or silly question when looking for your dream vehicle, and we are here for you every step of the way!


Apps To Help Your Everyday Commute

Have a long commute every morning and evening? There’s an app for that! Leif Johnson Ford wants to share 7 ways to make your weekly commute just a little bit better! Read on, folks!

1. Waze


30 million users and counting can’t be wrong, especially when  these users are contributing to accurate and up to date travel info! Be in the know on current road conditions, access voice-guided navigation and join/create groups to share your traffic knowledge to the world. Best of all? It’s free!

2. Songza

Also free to use, Songza lets you choose from a list of playlists based on things such as the time of day and even your mood,  It’s the perfect way to wind down, even in the midst of stop and go traffic!

3. SmartPark

If you’re prone to forgetting where you parked your car (a bad way to start off your commute home!), then do we have the perfect app for you! SmartPark guides you back to your vehicle by using location, altitude and even a handy dandy built in compass!

4. GasBuddy


Let’s face it, gas is not the cheapest thing around these days. Let GasBuddy help by finding you the cheapest gas in your area!

5. Inrix Traffic

Another traffic app, but this one uses its Smart Driver Network instead of being user based. This Smart Drive Network collects information from road sensors and collaborates with traffic providers and other trusted sources to provide maps showing live traffic and predicted traffic. For added convenience,  current conditions are compared to normal road conditions to give you a better idea of what exactly your commute will look like today.

6. Car Minder

Car Minder is similar to Inrix, but even more useful. Track your car’s miles, check when you’ll need an oil change, log mileage and fuel economy and even email this info to others!

7. Textecution


Textecution is the only app on the list that comes with a price tag (29.99) , and with good reason. It could potentially be lifesaving! This app is advanced enough to know how fast you’re driving, and will keep you from accessing certain functions if driving over 15 miles an hour. Safety and innovation!

Leif Johnson Ford hopes to keep you happy, safe and informed on your commute to and from work! We hope this helps, and if there’s anything WE can do to make your commute better, give us a call!



Customer Highlight: The Levines


Father and son duo Steve and Alex Levine are absolutely loving their new Ford King Ranch. In fact, there wasn’t anything they didn’t love about their experience with us at Leif Johnson Ford. Steve, enthusiastic and talkative, chats with us about what a great time he had buying his new truck. The last time he bought a truck was back in 2004, and he laughs when he realizes that two of the team members he’s talking with (The Social Media Rep and the Sync Tech)own  job titles that probably weren’t even around back then. (Times may change, but after over 50 years of business, you can bet the excellent service at Leif Johnson Ford sure doesn’t!)  When asked further about his time spent with us, he lets us know that his sync tech Peter is funny enough to be a stand up comedian, except for the fact that he was momentarily  sitting down.

Joking aside, Steve says that his salesman Leo was pretty awesome too. “I gave him three chances to beat other dealership prices and he was able to beat them every single time.” Despite all the laughter going on in that King Ranch, he made it clear that the unbeatable deals at Leif Johnson Ford were no laughing matter.

Come see the experience the Levines are raving about by stopping by one of your local Leif Johnson Ford locations today!

iPhone tips from Sync Tech Peter

As technology gets more and more advanced, its sometimes hard not to start head-scratching with confusion. But we want to make life just a little bit easier for you. Leif Johnson Ford has helpful and friendly sync techs like Peter to walk you through all things Ford and tech related. Here’s a few simple steps on how to make sure you’re getting the very best use out of your iPhone and Ford synchronization.

1. Don’t use emoji in your contacts. Voice command pathways are used to correspond with each contact, thus emojis are not recognized and this confuses the system.

2. Avoid plugging phone into USB port in your car. Your phone will charge much faster plugged into 12 volt charger with an adapter.  Furthermore, when plugged into a USB port, the two computers start talking to one another, and, as Peter puts it, Ford and Microsoft don’t work well together “when they’re holding hands.”

3. For all smart phones: When plugged into the car, use the car, not the phone when making, ending and receiving calls.

4. Clear out all active apps at least once a day. Your phone will work better, your battery life will last longer and you’ll have a better Bluetooth connection to.

Now if only we could all have someone like Peter around 24/7, to walk us through all of the tricky tech stuff. (Like getting that new snazzy remote control to work…) We’ll let you know if we figure out how to clone the guy. Until then, stay tuned for more tips from your friends at Leif Johnson Ford. If you need immediate help, contact Peter and the crew by calling (512) 454-3711 and asking for a sync tech!

Customer Highlight: Meet JoAnn




Meet JoAnn Wolf– Proud owner of this snazzy buy, recently purchased at Riata Ford in Manor, Texas. This isn’t her first purchase from Riata, but rather her third in TEN years. She’s a longtime fan of our dealership, and we couldn’t be more pleased to have her as a loyal customer. But this dedicated buyer loves more than just the Fords she buys from us. She boasts that she has not only four grandkids (ranging in ages from 15-34) but also four great grandkids, and we can tell that they keep her busy in the very best way possible. And as if she hasn’t got her hands full enough, JoAnn bought this spacious vehicle from us for a very special reason. A dog lover and owner of three border terriers, JoAnn proudly tells us that that she will be taking her pups to and from dog shows in her new Ford.

We at Leif Johnson are so grateful to have so many unique and fun customers with so many interesting stories and from so many different walks of life. Now that you’ve heard all about grandma, great grandma and dog-training JoAnn, it’s your turn! We’d love to hear your story, and who knows….Maybe you’ll be our next blog feature on the Leif Johnson Ford blog!