2015 2.3 EcoBoost Mustang at Leif Johnson Frd

Great news, folks! The 2015 Mustang has officially arrived at Leif Johnson Ford! We are currently offering the 2.3 Ecoboost model in the colors white and blue. Needless to say, they are both beauties to behold.


Here is a quick rundown of this particular model’s features:

  • 5500 Horsepower
  • The 60-mph mark runs at 5.2 seconds, the quarter-mile covered in 13.9 seconds at 98 mph.
  • 320 lb-ft of torque
  • 22 mpg in the city and 32 mpg on the highway!
  • Downshifts quickly and gets the 2.3-liter spinning when you want a quick departure.
  • The cabin isolation, stiffness of the structure, body control, and the finish quality are huge improvements over the 2014 Mustang.
  • Did we mention it’s really, really pretty?
  • Bumpy roads are nothing for the Mustang. Smooth drives ahead for anyone who purchases this beauty.
  • Overall- More horsepower, lower weight and better fuel economy than that of Mustang’s past. Wahoo!

Salesmen Spencer took this (as he puts it) “bad boy” out for a spin and says he was “blown away.” The internet is giving it all the hype it deserves too, and you’re likely to see many 5 star reviews if you check your Google search engine.

Come out for a 2015 Mustang test drive and see what all of the fuss is about! 

2015 Ford Expedition At Leif Johnson Ford

The 2015 Ford Expedition has arrived at Leif Johnson Ford!


Here are a few facts about this beauty to get you better acquainted: 

  • The 2015 Expedition has 55 more horse power than the 2014 version (365 total)
  • Oh. And 55 more pounds of torque. (420 total)
  • Needless to say,3.5-liter turbocharged EcoBoost V6 is more powerful than the 2014
  • You also get a redesigned instrument cluster and a new steering wheel.
  • Other new features include but are not limited to: A 10-speaker Sony audio system, interior LED lighting and keyless access.
  • The technology is also much snazzier this time around. For example, an upgraded MyFord Touch infotainment system with an 8-inch touch-screen display and a blind spot monitoring system with cross traffic alert are also available.
  • The fuel economy is estimated to be much improved from the 2014 Expedition.
  • Did we mention that the system monitors the Expedition’s body motions and steering and braking inputs and can adjust damping in milliseconds?! That too, y’all.

Our salesman Leo, who had a chance to test drive this Expedition for himself had nothing but good things to say about his drive. Overall he noted that it was “Very impressive.” Come take a test drive and see for yourself!

Meet Virginia

Meet Virginia. No, not the popular 90’s Train song. Virginia Wirtz of Riata Ford. She’s been working with us for six years now and we couldn’t be happier to have her on our team. Luckily, she really likes working with us too!

photo (511)

Though Virginia is having her consecutive six year work anniversary, if you count the two year break she took in between, she’s actually worked with us for nearly thirteen years. She tells us she loves her job as a billing clerk and that loving what she does “Makes the day go by faster.I learn something new every day.” She also tells us she enjoys the people she works with and that there’s “never a dull moment” at Riata Ford. (Something we all love about working here!)

When Miss Virginia isn’t at work, she enjoys spending time with her grandkids, boy/girl eight-year old twins and a twelve year old girl. “They’re my life” she gushes. She has one child of her own, telling us that after growing up with nine brothers and sisters, she wanted a smaller family for herself. “There was for sure no tv back then!” she laughs.

Virginia is fun and full of pizazz, and tells us that she’s soon to be sixty two years old and “proud of it!” And we couldn’t be more proud to have as part of the Leif Johnson Ford team.

Ford F-150: Seamless Windows

So you’ve heard all about the lighter, aluminum body of the 2015 Ford F-150. You know it’s going to be our most fuel efficient F-150 yet. You probably know it’s built even more Ford tough than before.

But have you heard about the sliding rear window yet? It may sound like a smaller addition, but sometimes big things come in smaller packages. Read on, friends.


Yes, the rear window is seamless. This brilliant design was created by Ford Motor Company and Magna International. Not only does it hide window seams, but it also reduces overall component parts. You can have your window completely open, and still this two-piece design will allow the window area to completely defrost, just as it would closed. Pretty neat, eh?

The typical sliding rear window consists of three pieces of glass held together by a support structure with additional working components. With the touch of a button, your new seamless window will open. Not only is this convenient, but it looks pretty cool too.  More than just looking awesome, the new design of the window adds to the reason that this new Ford is up to 700 pounds lighter than before. But don’t worry, you won’t be compromising with size. The rear window is the same opening size as the previous model F-150.

Noah Mass, Ford body mechanisms manager, had this to say: “Delivering the latest in innovation and technology to our customer is a top priority for Ford. The seamless sliding rear window is another great example of the intricate detail that goes into producing the next-generation F-150, setting it apart from any pickup on the market today.”

Adding to this,  Troy Tooker, design engineering manager for Magna International says: “We designed the seamless sliding rear window to deliver not only a new look and improved functionality, but also to start a trend in the truck sliding window market. With pickup sliders being one of our core products, we wanted to show our leadership and raise the bar on the new F-150.”

That’s just how Ford rolls, y’all.

Life Lessons Learned At Leif Johnson Ford

I have been working at Leif Johnson Ford for a year this month. As their social media rep, my job title includes blogging, taking pictures and talking to plenty of strangers. Oh, my name’s Christina, by the way. I’m the one usually behind the lens (and words) of Leif Johnson’s social media. I’d like to step to the front for a moment to share just some of the things that working at this family-owned, 60+ year dealership has taught me.


1. Just ask.

Part of my job entails going up to people I’ve never met before and asking them to take pictures, or to share their experiences. Being someone who hates rejection, this was a little intimidating at first. Sometimes there’s an awkward pause. Sometimes people say no. But most times people smile, or laugh in excitement, or simply say ‘yes.’ Sometimes they can’t wait to share what makes their Ford purchase so special to them. I’d have missed out on a lot of priceless vehicle-buying moments if I’d been too scared to just ask.

2. Ford things

To tell you the truth, my vehicle knowledge was lower than sub-par when I first started working at Leif. But now I can tell you all about the aluminum body and fuel efficiency of the new Ford F-150, or how the 2015 Mustang is designed to look like Mustangs of decades past (but with more tech-savvy features.) Most importantly, after a year of working at Leif, I can honestly tell you that Fords are some of the most reliable, dependable vehicles out there. They really are ‘Built Ford Tough.’

3. Everyone has a story

Like the man in service who has worked at Leif for nearly as long as it’s been a dealership, who remembers Austin before Austin was the cool place to live. Or the woman buying a roomy Ford so she can take her dogs to compete in canine beauty pageants. Or the men buying a new F-150 for their brewery based in Alaska. Or the sync tech who has travelled the world, now working at Leif not necessarily because he has to work, but because he wants to. Everyone has a story. We just have to learn to listen.

4. Just look for the good. It’s out there.

Car dealerships get a bad rep. That’s just how it is. We as people often want to share our bad stories over the good ones. It’s much easier to take time out of the day to write a review when fueled by irritation or annoyance. What these reviews don’t show is what go on in real life every day; The smiling customers, the repeat customers, the overly satisfied customers, the customers who have now forged a friendship with their salesperson. I have seen firsthand that this is the norm at Leif Johnson Ford. Though Leif may not be a perfect dealership, it is a dealership that truly cares. I have watched managers go out of their way to make a situation right, have seen the way employees take care of one another, have taken note of the comradery and laughter that comes with a team event or potluck. Cheesy as it sounds, working at Leif really is like working with a huge family. Being a part of the Leif Johnson team has reminded me that there is good out there, but we’ll probably always hear about the bad stuff first. That’s why it’s important to always take the extra time to search for the good.

To wrap it all up, working at Leif Johnson has taught me to better love and understand Fords and the people that drive them. It’s a pretty sweet gig, y’all.

Back-to-school Carpooling Tips

Summer vacation has come to a close (Can you believe it?) and your kiddos are officially back in school. Has this week been a little more hectic than you would have liked? Is the constant picking up and dropping off throwing your schedule for a loop? It’s not too late to organize a carpooling system with other parents! Leif Johnson Ford is here to give you a few friendly tips on how to get the ball (or the car) rolling on organizing the carpool of your dreams.


Trust your fellow carpoolers

The goal is to get your kids to school both on time and in one piece. Considering the importance of safety and punctuality, make sure you know and trust the parents you’ll be sharing car pool duties with.

Ask the parents of your children’s friends; Let them know you’re putting together a carpool. The smaller your list of carpool candidates, the more likely your little ones will be in good hands. If you have a few parents in mind, consider a meet-up with them to determine whether the group will work well together.

Organization is key 

So you’ve found your perfect fellow carpooling parents. Now it’s time to execute a plan.

First, organize a schedule that works for everyone involved, starting with a driving rotation. Is it most convenient for one parent to be responsible for for pickup and drop-off on certain days of the week?  Or would it be better for parents to work  out a schedule where each is responsible for one weeks worth of driving? Decide the best plan so that everyone involved is happy and pitching in equally.

Secondly, you’ll need to make sure everyone frequently discusses the carpooling situation. Whether this be in person or over the phone, texting or through smartphone apps like Carpool School Edition or Looptivity, just make sure every parent knows the pickup/drop-off locations and has the rest of the group’s contact info.

Be prepared (And have fun!)

Make sure each parent’s vehicle is equipped with items like an emergency roadside kit, first-aid kits and on-the-go eats for the kids. Ask about food allergies and sensitivities while planning the car pool.

Keep your backseat travelers entertained with more than just their smart phones/tablets by planning road-trip game and conversation ideas ahead of time.

Last but not least: Make a plan, but realize things won’t always go perfectly as planned, and have as much fun with that as you can.

Have any car pooling tips or stories of your own? We’d love to hear them! Comment below with any suggestions or anecdotes you might have! 

2015 Mustang Facts

The 2015 Mustang is estimated to arrive at Leif Johnson Ford in September of 2014! In honor of this upcoming arrival, we wanted to share a few facts about this snazzy new Ford with our followers. Read on, folks.



Fact 1: Ford is going all out and bringing a touch screen with its MyFord Touch infotainment system.  The car also gets new technological additions such as blind spot monitoring and rear cross traffic alert systems, both of which will make your commute much easier.

Fact 2: This Mustang is both lower and wider than its ancestors. This makes for better cornering capability and will be easier to handle for more drivers.

Fact 3: Ford has gotten rid of the solid rear axle every found in Mustangs of generations past. This gives a new degree of your Mustang will be much more pleasant on rough pavement and less likely to hang the back half out in corners.

Fact 4: A new chassis on the Mustang allows for equipment that will hugely change how the car operates on street and track. It cost Ford a pretty penny, but we think it was worth it.

Fact 5: A Mustang just wouldn’t be a Mustang without that V8 roaring under the hood. Ford is making he same 5.0-liter “Coyote” V8 even more powerful than before.t Ford says it will also be more efficient due to a ‘new intake manifold for improved efficiency at low speeds. It will make “at least” 420 hp and 390 lb-ft of torque. Wow.We like the sound of that!

Fact 6: The style is new too, y’all. Ford is going for “evolutionary” over “revolutionary,”keeping things similar to the old car. Two noticeable differences between the old and new is this: The new has smoother lines and the same Aston Martin-influenced face found on the Fusion sedan.

Fact 7: This Mustang is the first time that Ford is offering a 2.3-liter turbocharged EcoBoost four-cylinder engine with 305 hp and 300 lb-ft of torque or more.

Fact 8: It’s the first Mustang to be sold worldwide. Our personal opinion is that the best place in the world to buy one would be your local Leif Johnson Ford, right here in Austin, Texas. But we might be just a little biased.